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Glenn Beck Can’t Say It Enough

Yes, even Fox News’ Glenn Beck uses our terminology.  Just this month he said “Whoa, man, you’re harsh my mellow with the love thing”. But he has used the lingo in other stories during his career.  Check them out:

June 1, 2010, when talking about Woodstock:



October 2, 2009, when talking about the Olympics


In February, 2009, when talking about Iran.

Video (Part 1):


Don’t Harsh The Environment™ BP!

The 2010 Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill is a prime example of what “harshes the environment”.  Take a look at some amazing photos posted by The Huffington Post….it will tug those heart strings and harsh your mellow a bit but it’s the reality of this current event.

Grab one of our shirts to make your statement:  Don’t Harsh The Environment™.

Don’t Harsh My Mellow

“Don’t Harsh My Mellow” is an already used phrase that is making its way to your household.  It has different meanings for everyone but in general it means:  don’t disrupt my comfortable feeling of being at ease.  It’s already been used in T.V. shows like Two and a Half Men, The Office, Gary Unmarried and 30 Rock.  You can also do a search on MySpace and Twitter and find thousands of uses a day in countless profiles.

Don’t Harsh My Mellow, LLC jumped on the scene in 2007 with a positive attitude and creative uses for the terminology.  We have now teamed up with some talented artists to create a new look for this old concept.

Recently, we’ve launched a new bridal line with cute hand-drawn graphics done by a well known tattoo artist from Chicago. This line is perfect for the stressed-out bride to wear throughout the exciting period of planning a wedding and going on the honeymoon.  The phrases used for the bridal line are Don’t Harsh My Wedding Plans™ and Don’t Harsh My Honeymoon™.  They are currently available on and will be in retail stores this year.

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